Finally, Is a new day ahead

The sky was expanses with azura blue, dotted with magnolia white clouds. Sunlight poured into the room in abundance, my heavy eyelids lifted as I heard the chirping of birds, which signalled a new day ahead…


( first time capture a sky, blue sky)


Just before today, I was having trouble with all I have planned. We do make it on Jun 1, but suddenly everything crashed, and I can’t fix a date to suit all. The handphone ringing, the way my sister yawning in the phone, the messenger pop-up like a crazy old lady.I just have enough middle finger for that day.


I thought I might be crazy, I have planned it carefully and with all my passion on it, it is not easy yo fix the date at Jun 1, I have sacrifice my study, and all the time I can enjoy myself ( homework haven done yet, you know ??!) And the trouble just come without me preparing to face them.


How gonna I face them?  I try hard, though. And today, is a morning, a look-so-great morning, and I deadly hope my problems can be as this morning, solve like the sun shines on the sky. PLEASE~~