What friends means for


Yesterday, I paid my niece a visit. She is now 7 years old, quite a nasty girl. Haha! She pull me to her room when I arrived, then she ask me a question with a serious tone

Niece: Do you have friends?
Me: Oh yeah, why not?
Niece: Then u happy when spending time with them?
Me: Of course!
Niece: Why I can’t have these friends like you? They act warm with me and talk bad things in my back….
Me: ……

I can’t answer her questions.  I just can’t. I saw her feeling depressed.  Then I start told her about my friends.

Me: I have 5 best friends till now. I just can’t have more but I think it’s enough. Every friends of mine have their own personality…

Elisa Tee, a friend of mine which I know her in Form 2. First time met her, she sit behind me and I don’t even know what to talk to her. Haha…But lately,  I found out she is really a good friend. I like to spend time with her. She love purple, a pure dreamer and like ghost story very much! My first time watching ghost movie was with her. Aww….this really a good experience. Really nice to have this friend I bet!

Yap Yee Ling, which I know her when Form 1. I just don’t get in touch with her at first, but this stupid teacher let her sit beside me in Science lab. She make me can’t concentrate in the class ( with a stranger suddenly sit beside u ). But we turn up to be very good friend.

Lim Chin Woon, for 8++ years I know this friend. She is so easy going. First time met her when I was 9 years old. Just can’t remember how we met. Hope that our friendship will last longer!

Raja Farah, a very sunshine friend. Just like her sister also. She is a Malay, a national Squash player. Sometimes, she is so strange. When I am doing something,  she will come and suddenly pull me to elsewhere to talk to me. Haha! She bring lots of happiness to my life too! Just like the first friend I wrote, Elisa Tee.

Yzanne Tan, she has the same horoscope with me. First time have friend who had the same horoscope with me. I don’t know much about her but quite fun to have her in my life. Nice to meet you in my life, Yzanne!

Really need to thanks God for me to have them in my life…


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