Fell for you


He winked his eyes


The smile and welcoming gesture

And again

I suffer assaults of the mind

That come and go like a tornado


I see you passing by

Your odour, your motion

Just like the reel of life

Playing before my eyes

Fleeting fancy passing overhead


You are bringing the same guitar

Playing the same song

Same melody, same tone

It hits me from nowhere

An inner urge to be with you


The longing sets in

It merges with my life blood

And rushes to my heart

The heart gasp at the sudden onslaught of feelings

Overwhelmed even as it struggles

(sigh) finally finish my Islam paper test…enjoy this poem!



Longing for the past

Living in the present

Changes comes at a cost

The days when the rain beat like bullets

And there is no sound

But the swish of water in gullies

Tree struggling in high wind

Leaves fade off to the ground

I am feeling guilty

To be longing for the past

The mesmerizing days

Exuberant young people playing carelessly

Chortie that fly high in the sky

While here it has become a luxury

To spent time watching the rain

Gazing at the evening rays

Collecting dew drops

Or enjoying the fragrance of flowers

There seems to left just memory

The endless film

That air on one’s mind

Conceal in one’s soul