My Horoscope


Cancer is quite an unique horoscope. When Cancer is lazy, Cancer do not want to do anything , but when  diligent, Cancer wanna everything to be the best! They do not like trouble,and to inconveniencing anyone, they will feel embarrassed to trouble others, unless it is a last resort. Cool in the outside but warm in the inside, fervent to person which they familiar with,but  turning a blind eye to those they think are strangers ♥

Another fact about Cancer is, Cancer will only put on their temper to someone they are close to. They will not put on their temper to someone they thought ” Strangers” although someone really did bad things on them. Cancer is the true nature people, they will forget everything when they cool down, When they lost their temper on you, it means you really means someone very important to them. So, do not harbor bitter resentment.

Sometimes Cancer will be so direct, speak before considering it. They can be so crazy when fooling around. They disdain flattery. Instinctively reject hypocrisy and affectation people. When Cancer has become indifferent, it means they began to re-examine you. . . Cancer may look ferocious ,in fact, they has the softest heart, the  cool look is just to protect themselves.
Note! ! ! Cancer attaches great importance to friendship!


(Hmm…. is it really looks like me? I dunno. )


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