Falling In Love Inadvertently

Saw you in an idyllic scene
Shimmers orb in the stage
Playing guitar in a mesmerising way
That took the souls and breath away

So introvet I do not dare
To whisper a hello when I first meet you
Melody echoic in the air
My heart sneak away with your voice

You are an acute obsever, though
Chorties laugh when you saw me watching you
My body burn and heart beating fast
I leave in an agog way
With my belongings strew all over the ground

The chortie smile still echoic in my mind
Nope! It still following me
You catch me in your arm
Make me suffocating and hard to breath

The mirage and demon
The decoying kiss on the lips
The blooming of heart
Giving birth to part dreams and fantasties
Together we salvo

(written by my guitar teacher, Tiong Johnny. Hope him quickly complete the melody of the song!)


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