A Sunshine GirL

words taken from



I know a girl made of sunshine
She’s a little bit of sunshine
She’s a smile to light your days
She will steal your heart and keep it
With her warm endearing way


Her smile, one that would light up the darkest night.

Her eyes held stars within, that made them sparkle and shine.


That was a picture of a glorious dream.

A moment of absolute bliss.

486063_420798431343662_1202743536_n 488105_340146169408889_1928235554_n

I could not know her, but I will have this picture of her forever.
I will not lie, I envy everyone who has her in their life.
They have their own sunshine for the rest of their life.
I hope they realize this is the Sunshine Girl.

644390_421182137971958_815226099_n 321531_443006202456218_503656154_n


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