Difference between father and dad

Well, well, we all don’t notice if the difference between “father” and “dad”.

They are not just a noun, it look similar in the outside but definitely difference in the inside.

To judge a man whether he is a father or dad,  we must observe his surrounding (his family, his friends, and other relationship) NOT JUST BY APPEARANCE!

If your family think you are a responsible dad, then you will know how to be a competent Dad. If you are a guy who let your mom to take care of your child In order to have a drink with your drinking buddy, then you will be the child father, but not dad.


If you see a child with an endless joy  when contemplate his father , and believe in himself that his father will make his life better, then this father must be the child dad, not a father.

Romeo 53c9e96900d28a6b5f6e57d0ab389067 child


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