Best Friends Forever


I came across this article when I surf the internet about friends:

The writer ( don’t write her name) said she thought she was not the soppy type. Then, she came across with this girl, Susan one day. The girl was attract by the writer bold group, and she walked up to the writer during recess and asked if she could be her BFF. The writer told her clique and they laugh cruelly. To make her feelings clear, she deliberately shunned all contact with Susan.

Then one day, the writer‘s sister was born with a heart defect. In order to live, the operation be a need.To make matters more difficult, the sister need a AB blood donor. The writer‘s mom was weak, thus it’s not suitable to be  donor. Then they find for AB blood donor and no one answer the door. When the writer given up hope, Susan came just in time to be the donor.

I start thinking. There was a girl in my class say those words to my clique. Then we reject her by unreasonable reason. May be I was wrong? I should not respond it that way?What I should do now?



3 thoughts on “Best Friends Forever

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  2. Best way to live through life is try not to be mean, you never know when we’d need someone’s help one day.

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