Love that bring tears


Holding me with the warmth of your hand

You bring me to paradise

The place that I enjoy myself so much

And building my happy memories in it

Time creeps fast without me notice of it


Then the day come and nightmare arrive

You push me away so hardly

Announce it so hardly without aware of my bleeding heart

“I have it enough with you. Please let me alone.”

How you can say those words to me


He had such quiet eyes

That play fools on girl

And I don’t even realise it

Fall into your trap that make my heart broken

What should I say? It’s my own naive to believe in you.


Castle guarded the secret because of love

I guarded the memory because of you

Obviously other are better than you

I still persistent to follow you

Hoping that you will change your mind one day


I disguised I am strong enough

Conceal the feelings deep in my heart 

Don’t ever want to see in the mirror

The silent tears that come from my heart


If love can be explained

Vows can be modified

If our first meet can be rearranged

Then life will be easier

Or maybe sweeter


Love is an more adventure than adventure

Maybe I’ll ending up utterly exhausted

Or I will be  alone

Just because of you

I willing to take a risk


If it is wrong

And I being hurt badly

It is not your fault

It is I making a mistake

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4 thoughts on “Love that bring tears

  1. I start to wonder why people occasionally love someone who doesn’t love back as I always think there must be a reason behind everything. I didn’t think in this way as what has been written in this post have been occurred to almost everyone. And now I am mature enough to only love a man who must love me the same way. I start to examine the meaning behind this one sided love. I guess it teaches a person to value and love another person, but most importantly and above all, it teaches a person to value and love he/herself the most.
    Hope you would have this feeling as well soon 🙂
    And, find the person loves you the same way as you do to him;)
    That is what the underlying longing for love is.

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