BAD LUCk go away


Why you choose me bad luck?

I don’t like you.

Please let me alone!

degrading… degrading… degrading…

The deepest thing in any one is the conviction of the bad luck that follows boasting

Do u suffer from bad luck before?

How do you feel?

I’ve had bad luck before but recently I argue with someone and a chain of bad luck started to happen. Many times I would hurt myself some how or do something wrong or get picked for something that would hurt me. I just realized that now so I can’t remember much of what has happen to be but I’ve been depressed for over this months. I swear to god everything works against me.

I don’t obey my teacher instruction to do what high jumper did. I just can’t jump across it. My leg will stop automatically in front of that rod. Then, the teacher seems like want to swallow me without adding some flavouring.

Three day later I get blame because  I don’t went up to stage to receive my prize. Hey, how I know they are calling me! You don’t even inform me earlier! Don’t tell me you don’t know people having the same name in this world!

One day before I was having a water shortages in my area. I don’t get any notice and now I can’t bath!!! (smelling like XX when you don’t bath for few days)

Anyone know if a lucky charm would help?
I can’t decide from a
Yarobi Luck Ring
Lucky 7 Amulet


I really don’t know


Hey, I really don’t know! You can’t blame me for what I don’t konw!

Although, I have to admit, you are older than me, but you can’t pretent you know everything that happen.

You think you know everything at your fingertips, I seriously remind you that you can’t even know how many hair did you have.

So, THINK before you SAY. Don’t think you know everything!


Keeping the conversation flowing

  1. Start things off to invite her to talk. Pay attention to the scenario, and mold your invitation to the circumstances. Don’t, for example, ask her a random astronomy question when she’s shopping for shoes.
  2. Ask her some questions. You want to show her that you’re interested in her while at the same time deciding whether she’s really worth your interest.[2] A great question will make her think, laugh, and like you, all at the same time.
  3. Make yourself look good throughout the conversation. You want to find out as much as you can about her, but you also want to make sure that you show yourself at your best.
  4. Accept pauses. You’re not going to be able to think of something to say at every point during the conversation, and that’s completely okay. Pauses are a natural part of conversation. Get her comfortable with the idea of pauses by using pauses or deliberations sparingly in your own speech.
  5. Keep the conversation light. Don’t delve into any controversial subjects or anything that she may find uncomfortable. Also, don’t gossip about other people, because she may think that you’re not genuinely nice.
  6. Focus on body language. For yourself, use great eye contact, sit up straight and smile warmly. When you do these things, she’ll feel as though you’re focused on her.
  7. Keep the attention always on her. Let her know that you think she’s important. Don’t be cagey about turning the spotlight on you, but focus it mainly on her.
  8. End on a good note if she tells you that she has to leave. Tell her that you enjoyed talking to her and getting to know her. If you felt a real connection to her, ask for her phone number. The next morning, send her a text saying that you had a great time, and wish her a good day. You might get a second chance at continuing that initial conversation if she texts you back.

Facebook emotion

Emotion Name and shortcuts
Superman [[136942059667395]]
Domo [[250128751720149]]
Gumby [[172634792775561]]
Spongebob(1) [[334954663181745]]
Spongebob Face [[252585271419080]]
Squidward [[squidward]]
Mr.Krabs [[mrkrabs]]
Sandy [[107950785929863]]
Mrs.Puff [[255841784451619]]
Plankton [[plankton]]
Larry the Lobster [[353372551112]]
Chowder [[49239575354]]
Mung [[105412836215690]]
Kimchi the Fart Cloud [[278204581010]]
Gir [[127734003956294]]
Dora [[dora]]
  Barney [[barney]]
   Elmo  [[elmo]]
   Big Bird  [[bigbird]]
   Cookie Monster [[cookiemonster]]
   Winnie The Pooh  [[winniethepooh]]
   Tigger [[tigger]]
  Arthur [[PBSArthur]]
 PeeWee Herman [[PeeweeHerman]]
 Hello Kitty [[hellokitty]]
 The Power Puff Girls [[ThePowerpuffGirls]]
 Naruto  [[104696320253]]
 Goku (Dragonball)  [[43985111513]
 Goku (Dragonball Z) [[179412035432554]]
   Hetalia [[118851214841634]]
 Sailor Moon  [[52945463402]]
Ponyo  [[PONYO]]
 Teletubbies  [[119960411370345]]
BooBah  [[151959596479]]
 Lego  [[LEGOGROUP]]
Charlie Sheen  [[charliesheen]]
 David Hasselhoff (The Hoff)  [[davidhasselhoff]]
Donald Trump [[217104144968122]]
 Randy Jackson  [[RandyJacksonNext]]
Nyan Cat (1) [[291720597536078]]
 Nyan Cat (2) [[118714951545229]]
 Ash and Pikachu  [[PokemonWorld]]
 Pikachu  [[326134990738733]]
 Poke Ball  [[236147243124900]]
 Angry Birds  [[166456416741199]]
 Mario  [[300983063279872]]
 Super Mario  [[supermario]]
 Mario Kart  [[mariokart]]
 Sonic the Hedgehog [[sonic]]
 Doraemon  [[155393057897143]
 Norbita  [[224502284290679]]
 Shin Chan  [[196431117116365]]
Papa Smurf [[124839657530642]]
 LLama  [[llamafans]]
 Trippy Eye  [[Hungry.Eyeball]]
 Money  [[35833778275]]
 Derp  [[224812970902314]]
 Kontana Izumi [[249199828481201]
Pedo Bear  [[148935948523684]]
 Smirk  [[333708903307152]]
 Hmmm [[134695813311979]]
 Mysterious [[208551699231052]]
 WTF [[243002845770158]]
 Shock  [[274914629225060]]
Crazy  [[144264815683239]]
 M  [[100003277310675]]
 A [[100003252111881]]
 H  [[100003281300913]]
 Windows  [[windows]]
 intel  [[intel]]
 Google Chrome  [[googlechrome]]
 Bing  [[bing]]
 Gmail  [[gmail]]
 Wikipedia  [[wikipedia]]
 YouTube  [youtube]
 Facebook  [facebook]
 Restaurant ville  [[89423383024]]
   FarmVille  [[123827117738416]
PetVille  [petvillepage]]
Yahoo [[yahoomessenger]]
 Hotmail [[hotmail]]
 Minecraft [[minecraft]]
 iTunes [[itunes]]
 Apple  [[iPodCommunity]]
 Ray William Johnson  [[raywilliamjohnson]]
 Nintendo 3DS  [[Nintendo3DS]]
 Playstation  [[playstation]]
 Sony  [[sony]]
 American Idol  [[101228960064]]
 MTV  [[mtv]]

Will friendship last longer


If one day, your best friend has a better friend and she leave you, what will you do?

I have many friends too. We spent our time giggling together and between us there are no secret. It good to have this feeling, we can trust each other. I thought it not gonna to change. Unfortunately, I was wrong. I can smell a rat these day but you keep on say nothing. It hurt, you know? But I pretend I am ok with it, deep inside I feel frustrating. Maybe, this is the starting point of our friendship to break.


Is this will go on forever?

How many people in this world will find their own very very best friend? 

– my life, my way