BAD LUCk go away


Why you choose me bad luck?

I don’t like you.

Please let me alone!

degrading… degrading… degrading…

The deepest thing in any one is the conviction of the bad luck that follows boasting

Do u suffer from bad luck before?

How do you feel?

I’ve had bad luck before but recently I argue with someone and a chain of bad luck started to happen. Many times I would hurt myself some how or do something wrong or get picked for something that would hurt me. I just realized that now so I can’t remember much of what has happen to be but I’ve been depressed for over this months. I swear to god everything works against me.

I don’t obey my teacher instruction to do what high jumper did. I just can’t jump across it. My leg will stop automatically in front of that rod. Then, the teacher seems like want to swallow me without adding some flavouring.

Three day later I get blame because  I don’t went up to stage to receive my prize. Hey, how I know they are calling me! You don’t even inform me earlier! Don’t tell me you don’t know people having the same name in this world!

One day before I was having a water shortages in my area. I don’t get any notice and now I can’t bath!!! (smelling like XX when you don’t bath for few days)

Anyone know if a lucky charm would help?
I can’t decide from a
Yarobi Luck Ring
Lucky 7 Amulet



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