Can’t Take My Eyes Away From You


Can’t take my eyes away from you

Watching you day and night

I follow where you go

Watching everything you do

Eating what you like

Checking what you post

Without you notice it

But you are not aware of me

You don’t even notice it

You just keep on searching for other girls

It hurts, don’t you know

Sometimes I get angry because of this

But in heart I know it’s useless

Sawing you go out with opposite sex

Playing around with other boys

My anger increase and the body was burning

Persuading me to be calm and cool down

Who am I to stop you from doing this

You are too amazing in my point of view

The way you smile the odour on your body

Make me addicted and require it to live

But all this can only obtain in my dream

Hope that the miracle will happen one day

That you will realise of my appearance

That I have the courage to say” I Love You’

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