Where to from here


Now I am sitting in front of the computer, spread my hand on the countless keypad, typing this word that stuck on my mind:

” Where to from here”

It drive me crazy when I can’t find a solution on it. As a growing teenager to be an adult, I start to find many think, having lots of question, but can’t even find a satisfy answer. I deeply want to know, what I will become in the future, what I gonna do in order to success in life, what if I can’t survive in the real world……

( I can feel that my brain is exploding for thinking to much on it, when I ask my mom about it, my mum just say: don’t be crazy, you are thinking too much of it )

My brain is engulfed with flood of question, hope to STOP it by typing all this out!!!

Life without music is blank

I believe music has the ability to convey all sorts of emotion. Whether it is joy and happiness or sadness and despair, through lyrics and rhythm, music show it. The song” A Thousand Years” was such an emotional and inspiring sound that when I heard it, I always come close to cry. The effect that music has on people is tremendous, as it can bring us to flood of tears and burst of laughter.

Who am I in the past

I start wondering this. ##$)$($@_)#_#)









Who can tell me? NO BODY!! We cant know what we have done in the past, who am I in the past. But we can know what we want in future, how we create our life as we want it. If u want to success, just work hard for it. God definitely will give you what you want if HE can feel your sincere souls…

Mission Impossible


I have taking part  in a  mission

that seems to be impossible

I hold my breath

tension flow through my vein

My heart beating fast

I have take up the challenge

Not only to win the battle

But to fight against myself

to never give up

to believe in myself

Dream of A Baby


When a new-born-baby come to the world

What he think?

Is this world beautiful

Has the people in this world friendly


When the child eyelid lift for the first time

What he see?

Is this world as beautiful as he think

Has the people as friendly as outer skin

Or they just wearing a mask

Need not show off


Some people

like to exaggerate what they had done to this world

Some parents

like to praise their child so hard in front of crowd

Some friend

like to show off what she can done but you cantuntitled

But bare in mind the earth is round

The time keep on moving

And the things will come the other way round