Hope to reset my life


“I want to make you happy but I cannot be yours. don’t images8cry there must be something more you want, I’m sorry. Its all my fault….rub that tear from your eye do you want eternal life?”

“whats eternal life when everyone you love…..dies?”

“who says everyone  meant to be happy?”

the greedy person rushes to eternal life.

but the person who has nothing to live for would rather die.


The emptiness burns in my chest

The delicate grace that was hope

Is long gone

And not returning

My heartbeat pulses in my veins

Longing for the home

That I’ve been uprooted from

So suddenly

I look in the mirror and I see a person

Deprived of all family

Deprived of all hope

I’m alone in the desert

Struggling to survive

Struggling to flourish

My old home lost to me

The lantern in the distance burns bright

But I know I cannot reach it

I look at the world around me

Oblivious to my cries

And the ground becomes

Blurry with my tears

The cactus standing strong in the wind

The bees buzzing out of their hives

The worm wiggling in the soil

They push through the barriers

But I, I just drop to my knees

On the solid ground

And I weep

For everything that I have lost


What you going to say when they just whispered the words to you…


I just can lock my heart deep inside and spreading out a warning


Isn’t it ironic? I once had hope..




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