Online dating?

Fews weeks ago our English teacher ask us to write about an essay with the tittle

images (2)

Then I google search to find out what is it about.

images (6)

I found a website

images (24)

and i click on it

images (10)

and press the enter


It pops out this, ask me to fill in the details of me

images (16)

and the desire ones


When I sign in, I get this

images (8)

Then, it let me to choose one of this

images (7)

I simply click on it, and it pops out


After choosing the best i thought, it start

images (12)

And we start our conversation

images (23)

In my mind, i wondering who he is

images (5)

Is he?

images (18)

Is he?

images (19)

Or, is this one? Dont scare me, i’m new here

images (20)

After all, i still cant figure out who he is

images (22)

Fron what i get, onine dating is for female looking for

images (1)

And for the male who want

images (3)

So, this is what I found it important to start an online dating

images (14)

although u may face

images (15)

that makes your heart

BreakUp Plan_LoveGame

But defitenetely u will find someone that will

images (25)

And surprise you with

images (26)

that shows his love with words


Getting into a true love


And having a lovely life



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