Lots OF Homework

L O O K ! !  !

Holiday is not holiday anymore,  it  is homework-day!

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Need to get some fresh air, someone can get me out here?


What’s wrong with teacher nowadays?

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The worst idea in history ever. You go to school wasting half of your day learning nothing and when you can finally go home you’re really tired and have to do lots of homework leaving you no time to do anything you actually learn something from, often making you go to sleep too late getting even more complaints. Homework makes you suicidal.
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So I wanted to watch a movie yesterday, but I had to spend 3 hours doing moral homework.
Hope to tell teacher about it, but cant teacher think thenselves? They are student too before becoming a teacher.
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Luckily, student have their own way to do homework…

Lastly, still want to mention:


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